Building a Relationship with a Recruiter

WP | Jan/ 30/ 2019 | 0

You’ve been a consultant for a few years.  Perhaps you intend to make a career of management consulting or eventually move to other industries.  It’s time to begin building relationships with recruiters who will be able to help you with

Leaving Management Consulting for a Corporate Role

WP | Jul/ 16/ 2018 | 0

Every year we’re retained by several non-consulting companies to recruit management consultants to their corporate strategy or business development teams, or to IT or operations roles.  Generally these roles are at the Director or Manager level, targeting consultants with five

Interviewing With Another Management Consulting Firm

WP | Jun/ 11/ 2017 | 0

You’re a management consultant considering changing consulting firms.  Perhaps your last interviews were on-campus when you joined your current firm.  You’re wondering what the interview process will be like as a potential experienced hire.  We recruit experienced management consultants from