Why hire Whitehouse Pimms?  Thanks for asking.  Here’s our answer.


We’ve focused on recruiting smart, successful professionals for fifteen-plus years.  Our global network includes management consultants, ex-consultants, and their professional acquaintances.  Our network of top-of-the class graduates from all schools, alumni of top-tier graduate programs, and individuals who’ve excelled professionally is unequaled.  Our network provides exceptional candidates for you.

Focus also comes into play in our client relationships.  We focus on long-term client relationships, emphasizing the value of the relationship over individual transactions.  Long-term relationships allow us to develop the detailed knowledge of our clients necessary to identify the right candidates and effectively present our clients’ opportunities.  It also provides us the luxury of few off-limits conflicts – we can recruit from the organizations you’d like to target.


We spend 100% of each day proactively recruiting, identifying and contacting individuals with the experience and achievements our clients desire.  The slate of candidates we present to you is developed from a much larger universe of individuals than passive recruiting efforts will reach.  We target successful, employed individuals, not active job seekers.  Finally, all conversations with potential candidates are conducted by a Principal, not a junior associate.  The result is better candidates for you.


Whitehouse Pimms was founded by two operations strategy management consultants.  Not surprisingly, our search process is detailed and it’s documented in order to ensure that it’s consistent and effective.  It’s been tested and improved through fifteen-plus years of experience.


The absolute measure of success.  Please view our Completed Searches page.