Recruiting Management Consultants to Your Corporate Team

Non-consulting companies often retain us to recruit management consultants from the leading consulting firms.  The clients are from all industries and are usually mid-cap to Fortune 500 size organizations.  Our clients are usually hiring for their corporate strategy or business development teams, IT organization, or for specific operations expertise.  Generally these roles are at the Senior Director, Director, or Manager level and we’re targeting consultants with three to fifteen years of post-graduate school experience.  While there’s great variety in our clients’ industries, sizes, locations, and the roles, there are common factors that make these opportunities attractive to candidates who are currently management consultants with major firms.  We’ll describe them here.

The number one reason that a corporate opportunity is attractive to a consultant is that it provides the next step on their desired career path.  Most consultants enter management consulting intending to spend a few years gaining broad experience and skills and then move to a role in their desired long-term career.  At some point, they will be ready to discuss appropriate roles with companies in the industries of interest to them.

Often the consultants we talk with are considering leaving consulting because of the profession’s travel demands.  They’re traveling Monday through Thursday (or more if they’re working on an international engagement).  At some point, they’re ready to travel a lot less.

Obviously, the consultants we talk with about corporate roles are interested in the details of the role.  For the positions we’re discussing with them, they want to understand how they’ll have an impact if they join the client company.  They are currently involved in lead roles in important initiatives at their clients, often in roles that are highly visible to VP and C-level executives.  They want to continue to have a high impact.

As consultants, they conduct analysis, develop options, and present recommended actions.  They’re not often involved in detailed implementation of the recommendations.  So, they’re often interested in being involved with implementing their recommendations and having continuing involvement with ongoing operations.  A role that involves implementation and ongoing involvement in business operations is appealing to them.

They’re also interested in the opportunity for future growth in responsibility.  They want to know about potential future roles.  They often ask what people who joined previously in the role we’re discussing are doing now in the client company.  Many are interested in understanding the path to general management roles with P&L responsibility.

If you’re interested in hiring smart, hardworking, career-focused individuals, hiring from management consulting might be right for you.

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